The club has three competitions, the competition league, the new image challenge and the Peter Harvey Challenge.

The club's competitions are open to all full members.

The competition league year runs from January to December. 

Two competitions - “Open” and “Themed” together form the "Competition League", which has four rounds held from January to December. A round of the league consists of one Open and one Themed competition.  In each round, one of the competitions will be for printed images and the other for digital projected images (DPIs) and this alternates from round to round.

The themes are 8 broad categories, each category alternating from print to DPI each alternate year. 

The themes are:

Close-up/Still life

In addition to the league rounds the club has a "New Image Challenge” and the "Peter Harvey Trophy". There's also an Annual Challenge that we make up the rules for as we go along! Please check this out on our programme. You'll find the rules for our three main competitions below.

Please see the programme for competition dates.

Read some great advice from PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) on what judges look for in your competition entries. Essential reading for all competition beginners. 

The full rules for all three club competitions are:

Competition league rules - Open & Themed competitions

New Image Challenge rules

Peter Harvey Challenge rules

Last updated: 7 August 2017