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Peter Harvey Trophy rules

This trophy provides an opportunity for members to showcase what they regard to be their best work, and not necessarily what the previous judges have preferred.

Please select 3 DPIs that you have taken over the season from September 1st onwards and send them to  before midnight on the Friday preceding the trophy evening. Any subject is allowed, and the images should be titled complete with the author's surname in the usual way.

As always files should be sized as follows:

Landscapes not to exceed 1400 wide x 1050 high (1400 x 1050 - correct, 1400 x 836 - correct, 1324 x 1050 - correct, 1400 x 1127 - WRONG etc ... )

Portraits 1050 high x whatever width.

The judging will be by members on the night, but don't worry ... we won't make you comment on the images. 

Last updated 10 December 2016