Competition Rules - Open & Themed Competitions

Competition images must have been photographed by the member and must be the member’s original work. External processing of images, e.g. printing by a third party, is acceptable.

For the purposes of these rules, image refers to a processed photograph, whether submitted in print or DPI form.

  • Prints should be mounted on a material and colour of the photographer's choice.
  • A mount size of 20" by 16" on either black, ivory or white material is recommended for all competition prints.
  • Prints conforming to the above recommendation will be given preference in selections for external displays and competitions.
  • The minimum mount size is 10” x 8” and the maximum is 20” x 16”.
  • Prints should be clearly labelled with a title and the author's name at top left of the print, viewed from the back.
  • DPI file names should be in the form title&authorsurname, e.g. winter-sunrise&smith.
  • DPIs should have a maximum resolution of 1400 pixels width and 1050 pixels height.
  • DPIs should be JPEG files with the author’s choice of compression.
  • Images that win a first prize in an Open or Themed competition may not be resubmitted to the same competition. They may be submitted to other competitions subject to the relevant rules. Just to be clear, an Open 1st prize winning image may not be resubmitted to any further Open competition, but it may be submitted to a League Themed competition for which it is otherwise eligible – and vice versa.
  • A member may submit a substantial reworking of a previously submitted image as though it was a new image. The reworking may, for example, be in response to a judge’s comments. We’re sure members will use this provision responsibly; the chairman’s decision will be final if a reworking is not thought to be substantial, or if a member is making unreasonable use of this provision. If in doubt, please ask before you submit a reworked image.
  • Images that HAVE NOT won an Open first prize may be submitted a total of two times in Open competitions– either twice as a print or twice as a DPI or once as a print and once as a DPI.
  • Images that HAVE NOT won a Themed first prize may be submitted a total of three times in Themed competitions – either three times as a print or three times as a DPI or a mix of print and DPI.
  • A member may submit up to three images in each round of each league competition. This allows a member to submit a maximum of 3 prints and 3 DPIs on any league competition evening.
  • Entries must be submitted as described below to the Competition Secretary no later than the Friday before the date of the competition.
  • Late entries will not be accepted.
  • The titles and author of prints must be notified to the Competition Secretary by the deadline. (The prints themselves should be brought to the venue on the competition date.)
  • DPIs must be with the Competition Secretary no later than the deadline.
  • The preferred method of print entry notification and DPI submission is by email to
  • If you wish to submit in some other way, then please discuss this with the Competition Secretary in good time before the deadline
  • The Competition Secretary will send, as soon as possible after the deadline, an email to all club members listing those from whom submissions have been received.

Competition League – Scoring and prizes

In each round of each competition the scores are as follows:

A member’s best score in each individual competition round is added to the member’s Competition League score, giving a maximum score per round of 10 points for a member who wins both Open and Themed competitions and a score of 2 points for a member who enters both competitions and is not placed or highly commended.

The Competition League runs from January to December.

There are three Competition League prizes, awarded at the Annual Dinner :-

  1. Highest total Open score,
  2. The highest total Themed score
  3. Highest overall total score – the Competition League winner.

Last updated: 9th October 2019